民主党議員、中国人女性工作員と接触 Security questions raised about Swalwell and China















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Rep. Eric Swalwell, a liberal California Democrat who last year for a short time was a Democratic presidential candidate, is under fire for his relationship with a Chinese national suspected of being an agent of the Ministry of State Security, the Chinese intelligence service.

Mr. Swalwell has been among the Democrats’ most vocal advocates of the accusation that President Trump is a Russian agent. He is on record stating frequently in cable television interviews that he thinks the president is a tool of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, Mr. Swalwell has earned a reputation for not viewing China as what Trump administration policy and intelligence officials have called the greatest threat facing the United States.

Were his soft views on China influenced by the woman known as Fang Fang, the suspected MSS agent?

Mr. Swalwell isn’t saying. A spokesman for the congressman could not be reached for comment.

However, the congressman told Politico that he thinks the disclosure is part of an attempt by Mr. Trump to smear him for his outspoken criticism.

The Chinese spy service likely targeted Mr. Swalwell early in his career, dispatching Ms. Fang to help him when he was a city council member in the San Francisco Bay Area. She would end up working as a fundraiser for Mr. Swalwell and helped him by placing an intern within his congressional office, according to a yearlong investigation by the newsletter Axios.

Mr. Swalwell said he cut off relations with Ms. Fang after the FBI alerted him in a 2015 briefing to the fact that Ms. Fang had contacts with Chinese Consulate officials in San Francisco.

While frequently voicing hawkish views on Russia, his views on the China threat have been relatively benign.

The disclosures about his relationship with Ms. Fang have raised questions about her influence. The Chinese agent reportedly also had affairs with two Midwestern mayors, including one fling in the car of an Ohio officeholder who was not identified by name.

A review of Mr. Swalwell’s comments during open hearings of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence shows he disagreed with those who said China was aggressively interfering in U.S. elections and that Moscow is the sole threat to meddle in American campaigns. During a committee hearing Oct. 2, Mr. Swalwell rejected the intelligence community’s view that China and Russia were acting equally during the 2020 election campaign.

The congressman insisted during a hearing on the politicization of intelligence that Russia is a greater threat than China when it comes to such interference.

“I can say in open session that is false, and it is false for the American people to walk away and believe that there is any equivalence between what Russia and China are doing,” he said.

December 9, 2020